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We at Amayzing Saddlery Ltd want to provide you with the best possible outcome. To satisfy the needs of both horse and rider. Ensuring health, safety and enjoyment for both you and your horse.

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About our Saddle Fitter


Qualified saddler and Qualified saddle fitter

Laura Simpson/Nickel



Walsall College of Arts and Technology 2004-2006

Saddlery Training Centre, Salisbury


  • Level 3 Saddle
  • Level 3 Bridle
  • Level 2 Harness

Saddle Fitter

  • Qualified Saddle Fitter registered with the Society of Master Saddlers Since 2010

Bit Fitting

  • Bit to Fit course, Holland, June, 2016

Flair Conversion

  • Wow and Flair Conversion Course Participant, Canterbury, May 2011

Personal Interests

  • Horse Riding
  • MMA/ Boxing Training
  • Traveling