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Amayzing Saddlery Ltd- Rugwash and Repair

Rugwash and Repair , wash, proof and repair horse rugs, wash fleeces, wash dog beds, wash numnahs , wash saddle pads, repair horse rugs, repair horse fly sheets, repair boat covers,


Typical rug damage

When horses get up they often push with a hind hoof. If the rug gets underneath the back section gets torn as they stand.


Surcingle Tears

When rugs get caught on something or grabbed by another horse. the surcingles often suffer damage. We can reconstruct using webbing to make a secure repair and the rug is useable again.


Chest straps

Anothe rarea for likely damage as the chest area can get caught on things and pulled off.


In our workshop in Linwood, we have a rugwash facility where we can take your muddy, dusty, wet rugs and launder them using Rugsafe* rugwash produts.

  • Rugsafe washes do not contain bleach or detergent but use an antibacterial cleaner that breaks down the the mud and smell.

  • Rugsafe products work at 30 degrees or less so we can save electricity and washing at a lower temperature helps prolong the life of your rug.

  • The rugwash does not affect the waterproofing already in your rug - it has been designed to retain water repellancy on all modern breathable fabrics.

  • The Rugsafe re-proofer works by coating every individual fibre of the rug instead of blanket coating & contains no silicones or waxes which maintains the breathability of modern rugs. It is a durable water repellent. This product does not leave residues in our machine and drains and reduces the environmental impact considerably.

  • We use Rugsafe Fleece wash which is antibacterial and also antistatic so should help reduce the hairs trapped in the fibres.

  • We have Rugsafe Expel for use when viruses, mould and fungal infections are of concern. This is also effective against strangles and ringworm. Let us know if your rugs need this special treatment.

  • Rugsafe Sensitive Skin wash- This wash is especially gentle and suitable for horses with sensitive skin or coat. It contains antibactieral and odour destroying properties and is suitbale for rugs of all types and other horse wear.


We can repair all sorts of damage to your rugs - replacing metalwear, tears, straps etc. We try to minimise costs by aiming for reconstruction and security rather than cosmetic appearance.

It is often difficult to predict how much some repairs will cost as it depends on how long it will take to reconstruct major damage and materials needed to do so. If the repair is likely to be costly then we will get in touch before carrying out the work. It is often impossible to assess rugs before they have been washed for health and safety reasons.

PLEASE NOTE -  we can only repair rugs we have washed. It is against health and safety regulations for us to work on dirty rugs as there are health risks associated with agricultural waste.