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Providing a professional and highly skilled service since 2006

"I love the huge variety of work that we receive. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the real improvements that the right saddle, properly fitted, makes to both the rider and the horse." - Laura Simpson/ Nickel




Unit One, Riverpark Industrial Estate, Bridge Street, Linwood, PA3 3DW


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Saddle Fitting FAQ

Is saddle fitting necessary?

Yes. A saddle that is the correct size and width will help your horse have the freedom of movement and comfort needed to elevate both the horse's and your riding experience.

why should i use a qualified saddle fitter?

Because years of qualification and experience make all the difference when assessing the correct solution for both horse and rider. As well Laura is a Qualified Saddler, meaning a deep understanding of saddle construction and how this affects the way a saddle fits.

How do I book a saddle fitting?

Please text 07968 720 998 and a member of staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

How often does a saddle need to be checked?

A new saddle will need to be checked after 3 months as flock can settle as horses develop muscle and their movement improves. A saddle check every 6 months is recommended as horses change with both the seasons and age. Also, a check is needed whenever a horse has a new rider.

Will you be able to make my current saddle fit?

Whenever possible a saddle will be adjusted to suit the needs of both horse and rider. This is not always possible and priority is given to finding the best solution to ensure horse comfort and rider security.

what does a saddle fitting involve?

A first visit can take upwards of 2-3 hours. In this time the horse's conformation, muscle stiffness, back shape and template are assessed. A rider and saddle evaluation is done and finally a ridden assessment using a saddle supplied or your own,  if deemed suitable.


A well designed, well made and well fitting saddle is an excellent tool. A saddle that is poorly designed, that has inherent manufacturing defects or one that doesn’t fit well is at best a hindrance, at worst a disaster in the making.
— Society of Master Saddlers


To book a saddle fitting or follow up visit

Please text 07968 720 998